Why this local photographer has been photographing oak beams and solid flooring

Now not everyone would understand the passion that I have for spending a wet Sunday afternoon taking photos of oak beams in a local ruin but I certainly can. You see my fascination with wood and started when I was very you, when I first saw the intricacies of the grains and the wonderful rich colours, I knew that wood was something that I wanted to photography.

Why are oak beams so fascinating?

solid oak flooring

You see, what I find visually appealing about woods like oak and cedar is that they are not man made. By their very nature they are unpredictably shaped and always different depending on the environment and sculpting that they have undergone. So imagine my delight when I cam across a ruin of an old building that had been built using oak beams. The building had been long abandoned and its oak beam supports had been left open to the elements, a perfect environment for any local photographer who is looking to get some interesting shots.

Its not just oak beams though, because this wonderfully rich wood in all of it’s forms actually makes great photography material, my next subject were the solid oak flooring that I found in the building.

Next it was on to the solid oak flooring

Well after finding the dilapidated building, imagine my further surprise and delight to find that there was still solid oak flooring in the building, still left mostly intact by the previous owners. Who ever had moved out of the place certainly couldn’t have cared much for what they were leaving behind because there was a lot of money left sitting there in the building.

So what I started doing was taking some great shots of the actual grains, the main difference between the oak beams and the oak flooring was how the wood had been cut. Each beam had been cut horizontally from the original tree whereas the floor boards had been fashioned vertically in order to get the flattest and largest possible cut of the hardwood. I’ll be uploading some of my photographs at a later date if you’re interested, so make sure that you check back here.