Photography for commercial and industrial dishwasher companies

Now not all of my photography is hobby or recreational, occasionally I’m asked to take product photographs for various commercial companies out there. One such job that I’ve attended was for taking photographs of a number of commercial dishwasher for a company that specialises in selling catering equipment. This was one of the first times that I had been asked to take pictures of kitchen equipment so my first task was to make sure that I got my light and exposure levels right.

The challenges of photographing an industrial dishwasher

I began the process by setting the scene, because these were product photographs meant to be seen by caterers, I had to make sure that the industrial dishwasher had a nice clean white background. My first task was to photograph a hotpoint dishwasher and to get it looking as professional as possible. The advantage of doing this type of photography where you’re focusing on a relatively simple, non moving object is that a lot of effects can be applied by a computer after the photoshoot has taken place.

The main challenge of getting the industrial dishwasher to look right was making the photographs visually appealing. A professional dishwasher isn’t the most glamorous of items, so it was important to me to get a little creative with my angles and how I presented the dish washers.

I learned a lot about a commercial dishwasher

One of the perks of being a photographer is that I get to learn about all sorts of subject matter and learning about a commercial dishwasher was actually pretty interesting. Seeing how the machines where put together and actually operate in a commercial kitchen was a cool thing to see. I’ve definitely gained an appreciation for the level of work that these machines actually have to do too, their built pretty sturdy and the actual dishwasher parts are put together in such a way that allows for constant usage. All in all a great photography shoot!