Photographing Concrete fence Panels and other products

Another recent photography job that I attended was photographing Concrete fence panels, these were a particular challenge due to poor lighting in the area. As a photographer I get called to all manner of locations, one such location was photographing the concrete foundations of a house.

Why were photographing these concrete fence panels and block and beam floor a challenge?

Now on the surface of things it would be easy to assume that this would be a fairly straight forward task, how hard can taking pictures of a block and beam floor along with concrete fence panels really be? The answer may surprise you. Thanks to typical British weather the lighting conditions were less than idea, the grey overcast clouds really made the photographs difficult to take, they made the already grey concrete beams look even more dull and unappealing.

Luckily I had brought my own lighting, I was able to light up the concrete fence panels and get the photographs that I really needed. These types of jobs are never easy, when you’re photographing something big like concrete panels or things that have been made from block and beam, it’s always important to use a wide angle lens. Large objects such as these need to be crisp and include as much detail as possible in order for the customer to be satisfied with the work done.