Local photographer gadget and electric curtains photography

In my last post I blogged about capturing more natural things such as oak beam, well in this post I talk about a recent project where I have been photographing advanced technology such as silent gliss curtain track. Now I know that electric curtain tracks aren’t an obvious choice for photography but my aim was to select a piece of modern technology whose beauty had never been captured before.

Why did I choose electric curtain tracks as my photography subjects?

The reason I chose my electric curtain rail and rails specifically is because they are a piece of technology that not many people have come across so I thought they would make an excellent subject to photography extensively. My photographing the curtain rails along with my rather colorful curtains from creative angles, I was able to capture some unusual images. I’m not going to leave these images as they are though, this is somewhat of a creative photography study, I’m going to be using some filters and effects that I’ve been achieving great results from.

Now I must confess, there was a rather convenient element to this particular photo-shoot for me because I had only recently had electric curtains tracks installed. I don’t mind telling you that as a gadget, they have made an excellent addition to my home, they really have made waking up in the morning so much easier! Now I just set the timer on my electric curtains for say 7am and then they miraculously open at that time, that is if you remember to plug them in!

silent gliss curtain track